Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This is my Cambridge bicycle.

I need to get the steering wheel fixed as it is currently not properly aligned with the handlebars so I have to ride sitting on a slight angle. I checked my watch and found out today that it takes seven minutes by bicycle to get from my place of residence to college. It’s a really nice bicycle ride, across the river and then across Jesus Green, which is covered in crispy autumn leaves at the moment, along a stream which sometimes has ducks on it, and then down a narrow street lined both by the more famous colleges and by teenagers dressed as boatsmen selling punt tours. This street bursts out into the centre of Cambridge, a mess of pedestrians and bicycles tripping over one another, a cobblestone square edged by a large church, the Disney-like turrets of Gonville and Caius and the scaffolding that means I'm yet to see Senate House, the building in which graduations are held. My college, King’s, is about a mile away from my house. This would be considered close in most places, I think, and certainly in Melbourne, but in Cambridge it’s considered very far away.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Guy Fawkes Night, Midsummer Common

We went to see the fireworks tonight, which were accompanied by a carnival, the largest bonfire I’ve ever seen and quite a lot of rain. It was amazing, though; the fireworks were incredible and the rain seemed almost to explode in time with their bursting shells, and it all seemed to finish in a haze of smoke and colour, and then there were so many people and so much mud and rain that it was hard to really see anything other than the bonfire and carnival lights, which just made it seem more like a scene from an old childrens’ book, one of those imaginary british towns where the annual bonfire is revered, makes the whole evening suddenly magical, a sort of portal to a mystic world…