Monday, April 2, 2012

Paris, Life, Et cetera...

The weather and atmosphere in Paris is really perfect, with everybody reading in the parks all the time. I was in London for my birthday; I had afternoon tea at the Intercontinental and ate cake in a garden, interviewed an artist for NZ News UK, went to the ballet and then, almost immediately after arriving, returned to Paris.

I've spent my morning writing an article on the Villa Savoye. I've also started writing a blog on Art in Paris for AngloINFO Paris, so most of what I've had to say about art for the last week has gone there rather than here. I've also put more photos on my photo blog

When I first realised winter was really over (after only a minute) I was sad and started looking up train timetables to Mont Blanc, because I love winter, but it's hard to resist all the happiness of Europe in Spring. It's not dusk until nine and the light is so beautiful. And it's now less than a month until the Palais de Tokyo reopens with the Paris Triennial!

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