Friday, February 1, 2013

Lithuania: Vilnius in (Mostly) Photographs

Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, doesn't have the easy quirky fun of Tallinn or the stylishness of Riga. The Baltic states are usually grouped (and visited) together, though I went to Vilnius this January, two years after visiting Estonia and Latvia. But while Russia proper is further from Vilnius than the other cities, the USSR feels closer in Vilnius than anywhere else I've visited. Tallinn has its bars and Riga its art nouveau facades, but history weighs heaviest on Vilnius.

I don't have time to properly research Vilnius, plus I was reading about cognitive overload the other day (appropriately enough, I can't remember what I read because there is too much in my head) so I'm trying to focus more on my own impressions and less on acquiring all the facts there are to acquire.  But Vilnius was wonderful and covered in snow and I thought I'd gather some of my photographs, impressions and recommendations here.