Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New York City: Chelsea in December

I miss New York; I love New York; I kind of like the idea of being too Old World to love Chelsea, but the truth is, while gentrification is sad, Chelsea's still beautiful in a hundred ways.

It's worth noting that I bought my DSLR a day before going to New York, reading the manual on the plane, and Chelsea was the first place I visited with it, so this series is really my first attempt at learning digital photography. Nonetheless, I think many of these photos turned out well, which is testament to how photogenic New York City is.

I kind of love how mixed up Chelsea feels; brownstones out of Edith Wharton novels sit minutes from shiny galleries and hotels, separated by ninth avenue's thick stream of expensive carparks and the High Line. The area has so many coherant identities in close proximity, each block its own world. 

Even in terms of popular culture, Chelsea is such a mix of reference points: the Hotel Chelsea, famously seedy, sits just around the corner from one of New York City's loveliest cupcake shops. There's a beautiful bedraggled old cinema just a little bit further along, and then the Chelsea Market (filled more with designer tea blends than haggling farmers) is just around the corner.

Chelsea is amazing, and I really just constantly want to go back to New York. I loved Chelsea, but it wasn't even close to my favourite part of Manhattan, let alone the whole city.

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