Friday, May 3, 2013

Wild Literary Parties

Pyramid Schemes Writing Anna Blair

I went to London last night with some friends for Pyramid Schemes, a one night exhibition by Lawrence Lek and The White Review. I only took my phone, so don't have any amazing pictures, but thought I'd post this here along the lines of 'Things I've Written'. The exhibition was comprised of 100 word texts by artists and writers on the subject of imagined architectures; I wrote a few paragraphs which my friends instantly guessed was mine on the basis that my academic research sometimes really infects my fiction. It's on the right in the image above. I'm not really sure if it's my best writing, but it was fun.

Crate Brewery Hackney Wick London The White Building

Pyramid Schemes was held in The White Building in Hackney Wick, which is on the canal and just completely lovely. The White Building is also home to Crate Brewery, which has the most delicious pizza in the world (I had truffle and sage, and oh! it alone would have been worth the train trip) and some really good beer and a lot of adorable dogs hanging around and generally just a great vibe. London felt a bit like Melbourne last night, and all in all the evening made me miss the creativity you get in cities.


  1. Darling! Thanks for your comment on my blog. So great to hear from you, I was lost out of date with your posts, but have still been following of course! I just arrived in France, and god, it feels so good to be back! I miss the clean air in Raglan, N.Z, and my family, but otherwise am really enjoying every moment. I'll be here for 3 months! If by any chance our paths cross, we should definitely catch up for a coffee! Keep in touch! Bisous, Dakota. p.s Safe travels and good luck for May! :)

    1. Lovely! And yes, I always miss New Zealand air (and water!) living in Europe! I should be in France in June or July, not sure exactly when or where yet but definitely coffee if our paths cross!xx