Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Communism and the Christmas Formal

I will probably put a few of the photographs I took at the King's Graduate Christmas Formal on this blog soon (both because I'm pleased with them and because I like the idea that this can serve as a online portfolio), but I'm flying South for winter in less than two days and have a long list of errands to run.

For the meantime, this is one of my favourite photographs from the evening. It reminds me of one of the things I like best about photography, which is the way in which cameras can poeticise things, amplify the aura and magic of moments. This was a really fun night, but it has a beauty in photographs that I'm not sure parties often have as they're happening. This might be partially to do with time, and the way photographs trap time while parties make time pass quickly, all music and movement and few pauses.