Monday, March 23, 2015

Recommendations: Wherever Magazine

I'm very interested in travel; it is, broadly speaking, the subject of my doctoral dissertation. And most of my own writing is, I suppose, travel writing. I tend to say "writing about place" or "geography," though, because I think most "travel writing" is actively awful, making the world worse.

But anyway: I like Wherever Magazine.

I remember walking around bookstores in central London last October, trying to find a copy of the print edition, and I didn't find one until December. But I associate it with that walk in October: a magazine worth asking about in Selfridge's (and oh, Selfridge's is such a nightmare to navigate, and so crowded with people, and sometimes you're sprayed with perfume or blasted by a hairdryer as you turn a corner). I found it in Chiltern Street, though, in the end, in a tiny magazine shop that I love which doesn't seem to have a name.

I read 'Conversations in the Sand: Nha Trang, Vietnam' on Wherever's website this afternoon, and I found it really interesting. I like the approach: a series of snippets from various people on a beach, some there as tourists, some for research, some working. It shows, I think, ways in which a place can be different for different people, and also shows how oblivious many travelers can be to the lives of locals.

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