Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sylvia Plath on Cambridge

I found a photograph of this letter, which Sylvia Plath wrote to a friend from Smith College, today while doing research, trying to sort documents out on my (now-fixed, luckily) laptop.

I think her description of Cambridge is pretty apt:

"Cambridge, which blooms like a green Eden in my head continually and about which I long to write & remake legends [...] I feel much more partisan about Cambridge than I ever did about Smith: it seems one of those primitively mystic places, saturated with spirits of the past and whatever. Even though I remember much misery & weariness & confusion I still endow it with the light of gone, very gone youth, or whatever."

I often feel like that about Cambridge, and I expect I'll feel even more like that after I've actually graduated.

I also love the phrase "bright and haunting as stained glass".

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