Sunday, June 21, 2015

Recommendations: Isabel Magowan

I've just discovered the photography of Isabel Magowan, one of this year's Yale MFA graduates. Her work is in Danziger Gallery's exhibition 'Lovely Dark,' which closes later this week. I didn't see it there; I stumbled across it on the internet. It's a group show, but the title works really well with Magowan's photographs, which are extremely unsettling images of beauty and privilege. I can't always pinpoint precisely what it is that makes the pictures feel so unsettling or disturbing, but there's a constant sense of threat in all of them, as if something is lurking, just out of frame, planning to pounce when the camera isn't looking. It feels as if all the subjects are held hostage, trapped. This image is from the 'Cygnets' series; I would recommend looking at the whole series on her website.

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